50 Simple ways to create inner peace right NOW:


1. Handwrite a letter to your grandparent(s)

2. Make a double batch of dessert and share one with a neighbor.

3. Allow someone to go ahead of you in line at the grocery store.

4. Buy the person in line behind you at the drive thru their drink.

5. Give someone a sincere compliment.

6. Make a small donation to a local charity in memory of a loved one.

7. Reduce your meat consumption.

8. Support the animal rights movement.

9. Throw (give) away your junk.

10. Accept forgiveness from others.

11. Look for joy in the least obvious places.

12. Say a daily prayer.

13. Be grateful for those who make you happy.

14. Appreciate and honor the beauty in life.

15. Remember, the 1000 mile journey begins with the first step.

16. Dont procrastinate.

17. Let go of wanting and experience freedom.

18. Strive for moderation in all things.

19. Make a quiet corner for your child(ren)

20. Don't worry that you won't "get is all done".

21. When you bring in something new, give away something old.

22. Be yourself.

23. Learn from your mistakes

24. Let go of old hurts and angers. 

25. Stand up straighter.

25. Have an open mind.

26. Don't plan your future by your past. 

27. Have patients

28. Choose to become better. 

29. Put a flower on someones car window.

30. Give money to those who need it.

 31. For serenity, put a statue of Buddha in your home.

32. Refuse to gossup.

33. Practice first, for one week, to bring no harm in thought, word or deed to any living creature.

34. Be mindful of what you are doing and why.

35. Donate canned goods.

36. Be less harsh with yourself and others.

37. Fall in love with a homeless kitty.

38. Delight at the prospect of a new day.

39. Know that life is how you see it.

40. Save habitats for all beings.

41. Do everything with enthusiasm. 

42. Give up your seat for another.

43. Calm your desires.

44. Accept what you can't change, change what you can.

45. React constructively.

46. Don't try to plan every minute of your day.

47. Take a spending break for 30 days.

48. Experience the sacred in every moment.

49. Savor the fleeting delights of the day.

50. Dont' take a bad mood too seriously.